Sunday, 6 March 2011



deep depression

deep devotion
a deep feeling

deep pockets
deep sleep
in deep thought
in deep trouble

a heavy drinker
heavy rain
a heavy sleeper

a heavy smoker
heavy snow
heavy traffic

High - Low.

Notice that a number of nouns (but not all) which take 'high' also take 'low'.

high - or low - cost
high - or low - density
high - or low - energy
high - or low - esteem
a high - or low - expectation (of)
a high - or low - level (of)

a high - or low - opinion (of someone or something)
high - or low - pressure
a - or low - high price
high quality
high speed

strong criticism
strong denial
a strong feeling
a strong opinion (about something)

a strong sense (of)
a strong smell
a strong taste

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