Friday, 18 March 2011


What can be done to encourage people to take more exercise?

It can generally be said that people today do not take enough exercise, a fact which accounts for an alarming increase in the number of heart attacks among young men and women. The 1._______ that many people today lead busy lives means they have little time for leisure activities.

What clearly needs to be 2._____ is to encourage people to take more exercise by emphasising the health benefits that it can bring, as 3.______as the risks that we face by not taking any exercise. Doctors can play an effective role in persuading people to change their 4.______ by encouraging them to exercise.

5.________ suggestion is that sports centres open earlier, close later and offer weekend activities. In this 6.______, it would be easier for people to fit an exercise programme into their busy schedules.

Finally, companies 7.______ sponsor sports teams and hold regular sports events in an effort to persuade employees to exercise. As a 8._____, they will not consider exercise an exhausting chore, but a way of making the most-of their 9._______ time. However, if these measures are to have any effect, people must change their lifestyles.

All 10._______ considered, exercise should be an important part of everyone's weekly routine. If followed, the suggestions above should result in an improvement in the general health of the population.

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